domingo, 4 de marzo de 2007

My Birthday

Well, this entry is really behind schedule, so I'm publishing this as the date on when I would have normally posted it! Anyway on March 3rd, Ernesto said that all of a sudden we were going to have a housewarming party, since now we finally have a dining room table in the tiny spot by the door. It actually looks quite good with the cranberry red chairs and stools and Ernesto scored from Lacoste, where he works.

Well, it turned out that it was sort of a surprise party for me, which was really sweet. It wasn't a typical surprise party where people were jumping out from behind furniture (not that we have any furniture to jump out from!). We just all sat around chatting, drinking wine, smoking too much.

The second picture is Ernesto (I though I would take some black and whites for this round), the third picture is Piotr and Paolo, and the last picture is Joe, my other roommate from Germany. Piotr is a jewelry designer and is originally from Poland. Paolo is originally from Brazil and is starting an events company.

Other people that were there were Pedro, Otto (you might remember them from Carnaval) and Joe's friend Ingo, visiting from Germany. It's quite amazing how Barcelona is full of people that have come here from all over the world to make a go of it. There is something really special about this city that really attracts people and keeps people here, I think.

Anyway, after a few hours of wine and conversation, we all headed to Salvation, a huge gay club about 15 minutes walk from here. It really doesn't get going until 2am, which is the usual for this city and Spain in general. I think the Lonely Planet was right when they said that Spain leaves most other countries in the dust when it comes to nightlife.

So we all danced the night away and it was great. I especially missed everyone back home around my birthday, but luckily I had some good friends and some good company around me to celebrate.

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