sábado, 7 de abril de 2007

Easter in Cadaques - Part I

For Easter I decided to get out of town and head to the Costa Brava, which is the beautiful coast northeast of Barcelona all the way up to the French border. I left quite early in the morning on the RENFE train, which only goes to Figueres, about an hour inland from the coast. After about 2 weeks of rain, the sun came out and everything was bathed in sunlight again. On the train ride, I passed the gorgeous city of Girona, Catalunya's second largest city. I will have to make a trip there some day.

I finally arrived in Figueres, where I wanted to see the Salvador Dalí museum, but the line to get in was so long, I decided to scrap it. After a nice lunch in the main plaza, I headed to the bus station for the rest of the journey. The journey into Cadaqués was breathtaking. After about a half hour of flat marshy land, we suddenly ascended into the hills. The bus wound its way up to the top and then back down again and was just hugging the cliffside.

We soon descended to Cadaqués, which is a gorgeous little white-washed town. Apparently in the 60s, Salvador Dalí frequented here, as well as the likes of Mick Jagger and other famous people. The town's streets are paved in shale which was amazing. All the streets are windy and narrow and makes for a great day of exploration. After checking into the Hostal Ubaldo, I strolled down to the town square which is right on the harbour. The sun was glistening on the water and the main street was full of people. I stopped for a beer at one of the little cafés that overlook the harbour and watched the sun go down. The beach here is a little more rough, as is the vegetation. I think that is partially why Cadaqués has kept its old-world charm, unlike other nasty touristy spots.

After a short nap back at my room, I went out to explore again. The night sky was full of stars and the labyrinthine streets were truly magical. I stopped into Jazz Rock Bar or something like that. Really cool bar...the candles were perched on top of wax that must have dripped for decades. The walls were plaster, covered with movie posters and photographs autographed by famous people. There was a great band playing and people were dancing wherever they could. After I finished my beer and headed out into the fresh air, I thought how great this would be to share with someone special....Craig where are you?

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