jueves, 8 de febrero de 2007

The Apartment

I have finally added some pictures of the interior of the building. One shot is of the staircase. This is actually looking down. The walls are plastered, I think, with a beautiful pattern all the way up the building. You will see another shot of the interior shaft of the building. This runs all the way up from the bottom. Some of the rooms of the other apartments look out onto this area, which is quite common in Barcelona, although all of our rooms face out onto the street.
There are 2 pictures of my room. As you can see, I haven't fuly unpacked yet, but it's nice and big! I just painted last week in a nice taupe/sand colour...really nice and fresh. Ernesto, one of my new roommates, and I painted the hallway this colour as well. Everything is looking really great!
There is one picture of the kitchen. It's kind of small, but it gets a lot of light in the day. Then again, everything is smaller in Europe...fridges, stoves, cars, etc. You really only use what you need, which is great from an environmental perspective. There is a small iron contraption bolted to the outside window in the kitchen to hang our clothes to dry. Really quite fun and charming to do this! Unfortunately I have a limit of how many pictures I can have per entry, so this is all I will post for now.
I went to see 'Babel' last night at the theatre, which was an experience. For anyone who has seen the movie, they will know that the film contains many languages and is subtitled, even in the English version, so it was quite a 'trip' hearing English one minute and then reading Spanish subtitles for the other scenes in Japan, etc! The popcorn, which is called 'palomitas' here, was great. There are a few theatres that provide films in an un-dubbed version, so I will be able to see lots of films. Anyway, it's amazing how much I can now understand in Spanish as time goes on. Soon I will be able to watch anything. Ernesto says that one day I will dream in Spanish, and that's when you know something has switched over in your head!
Well, that's all for now...lots more to come on this great adventure.

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