martes, 20 de febrero de 2007

Views from the Terrace

I just thought I would add some more pictures of the apartment, this time of the terrace, which we have access to. You can see quite far in 3 directions. To the southwest, you can see Montjuic (Jewish Mountain), the National Art Museum (MNAC) and the Torre Calatrava communications tower (see fourth picture down).

To the north, you can see the hills that rise up to the Zona Alta. I have been told it's where the rich and famous live in Barcelona (see second picture). At night there is a beautiful cathedral on top of the hill that is lit up every night.

If you look over the side of the railing, you can also look south and see some of the port and the cable car that zips tourists along from Montjuic to Barceloneta (see first picture). Today was a bit hazy, so you won't be able to see much.

The last picture in the group (third picture) is looking west. This street leads to the new modern art museum and the neighbourhood of San Antoni. All of the apartments look beautiful at night, casting warm light onto the streets below.

Apparently the trees on the street here turn pink with blossoms in the spring. Can't wait to see that! Of course, it feels like spring to me already. The weather has consistently been around 15 degrees give or take 3 degrees or so. One thing that's great is the amount of sunlight here too. It never seems to be that stone grey that you get in our long Canadian winters!

Just to let you know, if some of you are squinting to see the pictures you can click on them for an enlarged view. I think we will have some good parties up here in the summer!

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