martes, 6 de febrero de 2007

My New Home

Well, I've finally moved into a new place in Barcelona. It's in the Raval neighbourhood, which is southwest of the main Rambla walking boulevard. It's on a beautiful street and the nieghbourhood has quite a Bohemian feel to it. I'm just 2 blocks from the Boqueria Market and 2 blocks from the MACBA museum.
Our apartment is the top row of shuttered windows and my room is on the corner. We face southwest, so we get lots of light all through the day. Right now it's about 15 degrees in the day and 10 degrees at night. As you can see, the door to the place is massive and beautifully carved. The entranceway is definitely cathedral-like and dramatic. Quite spooky at night!
I have some more pictures of the interior, which I will post soon. Finally have a place to rest my head!

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dork overload dijo...

Yay!!! Barcelona!!

I'm so excited for you..

XO Sam!